Multiple Intelligence 6. Interpersonal Intelligence

Multiple Intelligence 6. Interpersonal Intelligence

Capacity to detect and respond appropriately ,to the moods, motivations and desires of other is defined as Interpersonal Intelligence. 

This is not only essential in working sections but it’s very needed in day to day life. Family bonding, friend circle, social relation ships are based on this intelligence. 

This capacity in Indian Philosophy is known as Mann Kavade. Mann and Buddhi are two aspects of Thinking Source, and above mentioned things as desires, likings, moods are related to Mann.

For this type of intelligence  one has to be empathetic with others, and then accordingly behave , to nurture the good relation. This intelligence doesn’t claim to make others always happy or pampering but it respect others point of view, understand it and then takes the decision in well fare of all.

Thus high interpersonal intelligence is the quality of Leader. Leadership in any field say from class monitor to social representative, group leader in industry or political leader. Human Resource Department members need such type of intelligence as basic criteria of duty. Interpersonal intelligence excels in fields like social media, entertainment media, spying fields, Interpol carriers etc.

Such interpersonal intelligence can be viewed in those persons who are  truly popular amongst people, successful counsellors, and cream sections of white collar jobs. At basic levels, all our family members like Aajji, Nani, Mausi are the high intelligence persons who have acquired interpersonal intelligence by experiences of life and love towards family. They are better than professional counsellor since along with intelligence , love and care and sincerity is at higher level. 

This type of intelligence is highest in spiritual personality, since they think and act for welfare of others at absolutely selfless basis. They are the best leaders too, as they leads mankind towards Ultimate Bliss. 

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