Month: February 2021

Multiple Intelligence 6. Interpersonal Intelligence

Capacity to detect and respond appropriately ,to the moods, motivations and desires of other is defined as Interpersonal Intelligence.  This is not only essential in working sections but it’s very needed in day to day life. Family bonding, friend circle, social relation ships are based on this intelligence.  This capacity in Indian Philosophy is known as Mann Kavade. Mann and Buddhi are two aspects of Thinking Source, and above mentioned things as desires, likings, moods are related to Mann. For this type of intelligence  one has to be empathetic with others, and then accordingly […]

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Expression of Words Shows Your Emotional Intelligence

‘Emotional Q’ can be evaluated by tests. But our day to day conversation also helps in such evaluation. Everyone uses few special words most frequently, it may happen unknowingly, but these frequently used words are windows for emotional world within that person!  How our brain process these words? From where they come? Mostly such words we percieve from listening to near and dear ones or reading. If one gets associated emotional experience linked with the word, then that particular word gets imprinted. Such imprinted words may have links of emotional bondings […]

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