Encourage the individuality of your child

Encourage the individuality of your child

We all have some or the other dream which we want to fulfill in our life. If due to some reason, we fail to do it, we naturally want our child to fulfill it for us. Many of us have found ourselves doing this and not admitting it in public. Or many of us found people saying that, “My son/daughter pursued which I couldn’t due to my financial conditions.” While doing so, do we really think once that, everyone including our child is different as an individual?

If no, then we should travel in the direction of achieving that stage in our life. We should be acceptable enough to accept our child’s individuality. We should understand the fact that one needs to be given their own space and needs to be treated as an independent individual. Parenting is the biggest responsibility. As one needs to give their 100% in order to make their child a better individual. When we give children their own space, we give them a chance to learn about their abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It makes them independent in the truest possible way.

To know their personality, you need to know their views first. You need to understand keenly what your child is thinking and doing. I am not saying that you need to keep the watch on the things but you need to be alert always. But if you find your child doing something good and something which contributes in developing his/her personality, you should support it. When you see something interesting is on its way to happen due to his or her efforts, you should help him or her to do it.

He or she may have different thoughts about doing it, but that’s how it should be. That’s what making him or her grow as a person. Exploring the unknown areas and trying to do something beyond imagination is the true adventure and you should let your child do it. It will give him or her an idea of being authentic about his or her choices and make him or her believe in her strengths.

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