Expression of Words Shows Your Emotional Intelligence

Expression of Words Shows Your Emotional Intelligence

‘Emotional Q’ can be evaluated by tests. But our day to day conversation also helps in such evaluation. Everyone uses few special words most frequently, it may happen unknowingly, but these frequently used words are windows for emotional world within that person! 

How our brain process these words? From where they come? Mostly such words we percieve from listening to near and dear ones or reading. If one gets associated emotional experience linked with the word, then that particular word gets imprinted. Such imprinted words may have links of emotional bondings and/or strong acceptance in thoughts. 

Let’s make it more pragmatic, if the college going lad is frequently nagged by parental suggestions, then his/her rebellion cum irritation can be seen in their frequently pronounced specific words as F*** off. Person with poetic mind, who is immersed in beauty of nature, also perceive beauty in world uses the word Beautiful.  

If we listen to Two successful and confident people conversation, they both use the special frequent words s ” I think, I know.” Person who is bit introvert can be heard saying “Hmmm” word frequently. Sophisticated and polite person’s frequently used words are “May I” “please let me know”,,”as per your convenience”etc.  Arrogance and over confidence usually can be heard with  abusive or hurting words for others.

Now coming to crisp end of our subject, such frequently used special words surely shows EQ of a person but few may fake and pretend by using such words as covers, but experts can make out the truth behind pronounced words by judging the tone and vibrations of pronunciations.

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