IQ Test

IQ Test

Did you know? The first intelligence tests were developed for the difficulties faced by school students. Let’s make the most of these tests to help our future generations grow.

IQ, short for Intelligence Quotient, is a psychological indicator of one’s intellectual abilities relative to his/her age. Intelligence Quotient tests measure IQ and the scores for the same tell us aboutan individual’s abilities and potential. WhizQiz IQ test (include link for IQ test) is based on the g factor theory of intelligence by Spearman.



    Understanding ideas and concepts through words and phrases. It helps us to logically work on various textual information like comprehending, interpreting, relaying and implicating it.

    Understanding and working with information that has numbers. Analysing & interpreting data, currency related transactions, deriving percentages/ratios, etc. are examples of numerical activities.

    Able to magine two or three-dimensional shapes and objects and manipulate them. It is the potential to recognize the patterns of wide areas and confined spaces.

    Understanding information, comprehending it & being able to derive a conclusion from it. There are two types of logical reasoning - deductive and inductive reasoning.

IQ Test

Test is based on the g factor theory Intelligence by Spearman.
It emphasizes the underlying general factor that influences our specific intelligence.

  • Mode: Online - Digital
  • Time: 40 minutes
  • Score: Whizqiz primary scoring index
  • Report: Digital report with analysis guides
  • Version: IQ - Children & IQ - Teenage
  • Test administrator Qualification: Level C

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Click here if your child is in between 7 to 12 years old!

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Click here if your child is in between 12 to 19 years old!

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No idea what's IQ or IQ Tests

General intelligence ( g factor) comprises of different cognitive abilities. These abilities help people acquire knowledge and in problem solving. Our test helps you to understand the general skills that underlie and influences our specific skills.

The specific skills are related to areas such as spatial, numerical, mechanical, and verbal abilities. The idea is that this general intelligence influences performance on all mental tasks.


In simple words, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a measure of one’s cognitive abilities.


IQ tests are tools to measure the cognitive abilities of an individual by comparing it with the abilities of the population.

Why Us ?

  • Tech- based solutions:
    User Friendly and easily accessible. Get the best technology experience with confidentiality of data and reports.
  • Evaluates 4 specific intelligences
  • Based on the "general factor and specifc factor theory" of Intelligence by Charles Spearman.
  • Available for two age groups :
    7 - 12 years & 12- 19 years
  • Scientific :
    Norm referenced Psychometric tests based on American Psychological Association & International Test Commission guidelines.

Wondering why IQ is so important ?

There are numerous ways how an IQ test can help you. An IQ test will let you know how well you can use information and logic to answer questions or make predictions. They also measure how well you use your skills to solve puzzles and recall as well as retain information you’ve heard — and how quickly. IQ scores are used for evaluating educational progress, intellectual disability, and to know how well you comprehend and perform everyday tasks. It helps us to set intellectual benchmarks.


It is an accurate predictors of academic achievement.


The scores may reveal talents in the student.


Provides an outline of a student's intellectual strengths and weaknesses


Opens scope for improvement in their educational opportunities.