Refine Your Aptitude

Refine Your Aptitude

There is always margin for more, say learn more, practice more, improve more, Be more optimistic etc. and this is important in process of refining the Aptitude. 

Out of 9 types of Aptitude, Intra-personal is the one to start with. Indian Philosophy quotes ” pindi te Bramhandi” which explain ” know your Self thoroughly and you can understand the Universe.”

 In this journey of Self Analysis or Assessment, one has to be aware of one’s 

  1. Abilities, 
  2. Emotions, 
  3. Surrounding situational requirements 
  4. Inherited qualities 5.Acquired qualities. 

If jotting down above 5 points scale is bit difficult , then one should seek experts advise. Next step is , cultivate the practice of everyday planner which includes reading quality books, attending small group discussion based on line of planned profession, and very important is  the process of internship i.e. one must learn practically under supervision of experts in those respective fields. And then at the end of day, self analysis.  

Lets elaborate more on the subject of internship, if someone is planning a carrier in administration field, then he must approach the same department, and work there just for understanding and experiential learning. In the process of medical field, internship is the vital period for practical knowledge. Even after planned internship, if one feels the need of more experience based learning for more refinement, then it’s a valuable process and important decision for making one’s Aptitude more strong, impressive and ultra refined.

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