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Educational Assessment

Test / Learn / Know

For every age group we provide various assessment tools. We possess several updated and most comprehensive tools for assessing IQ, EQ and Memory skills etc. of children. After the assessment we provide detail understanding and analysis of the result inferred after the tests. Thus parents gain a foresight for the current and future development of the child.

We have for you

Assessment depending upon the age group to find the skills

Age Group 7-13 years

Primary School/Childhood

Age Group 13-16 years

Secondary/Higher Secondary School.

Age Group 16-21 years

College/Graduate Student

Features of Whizqiz Report

  • Whizqiz reports are self explanatory. The scores are either based on standard Ten (Sten Scores) scale or percentiles or a numeric value as in case of IQ Scores.
  • They are classified in the range from 'very low' to 'very high' in the case of Sten Scores or from severely challenged 'Genius' in terms of IQ scores.
  • Interpretsaation of results is based on the normal probability curve of the general population.
  • The scores are neighther good nor bad, they are just the ones which really suite your current skills and attitude.
  • You have a self help section for further improvement in the particular area.
  • Parents and teachers get the guide as to hoq to manage and develop your pupil.

How it works


Assessment Phase

Get the Test Link.

You can get it on the email ID of School/Teacher/Parent/student


Test Phase

Attempt the Test,

Easy Online Tests


Report Phase

Simplified Reports,

With lot of guidance material for students, teachers and parents



Expert Support

Extended support from our Expert Counselors on Email & Toll Free Number