Aptitude & Career Interest Test

Aptitude & Career Interest Test is one of the most standard assessment for secondary and college students used for selection of right Career Path. Through this assessment we measure the 7 Abilities and 8 Career Interests of the student. You also get insights in your report through our unique video based Post-Assessment Session.

Thus, helping them to move ahead on their career path.

This assessment of 90 mins and 134 questions offers you an in-depth understanding of your skills sets and offers your recommendations to choose right career.


What is Aptitude & Career Interest Test ?

Aptitude & Career Interest Test

For Secondary /Higher Secondary School Students The test is based on the Principles of Career Guidance for secondary and college students. It assesses the 7 key ability areas and 8 Occupational Interest Areas.

Overview - Measure of Student's Abilities and Career Interest.

Age Range - Overview - Measure of Student's Abilities and Career Interest.

Administration - Digital-Online

Completion Time - 90 minutes

Language - English, Marathi, Hindi

Reports - Digital with guide for students, parents and teachers

After receiving the report, student can visit explanatory videos and articles on this page below.


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Traits & Areas Evaluated for Students


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